How does Soft Washing Work for Algae Removal & K Rend Cleaning?

The AlgoClear® Pro Softwash System applies the correct percentage of product mixed with water through a mixing box especially designed for Algae Removal & K Rend Cleaning.

Long reach poles and lances are used to either, spray or brush the solution at tap pressure onto the required area.

Upon contact the product will impregnate the substrate and kill any growth almost immediately. The algae will die rapidly and the cleaning process starts immediately. Continuous cleaning within the substrate can last for up to two years. You must remember this is a safe, slow deep cleanse and it will take time to clean but will leave your surface looking like new again. Other harsh cleaners such as bleach and acid can cause damage by degrading your surfaces over time. The AlgoClear® Pro System is gentle and does not cause any damage.